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Discontinuation of treatment in patients with hepatitis C, the committee decided EOPYY – Pathfinder News

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Despite the higher prevalence of hepatitis C (about 2% of the general population) in Greece alcoholism and although about 8 in 10 people do not know they are sick, the Commission recently Drug Foreign and high-cost Athens EOPYY made the decision not to approve further treatment in at least two cases of patients with chronic hepatitis C, genotype 1, using triple shape medication.

As denounces announcement, Greece Liver Patient Association “Prometheus”, this decision contradicts and violates the medical treatment guidelines applied in accordance with the Commission viral hepatitis KEELPNO and stipulate specific intervals of treatment, depending on each case.

“The completely arbitrary decision, obeys panicky micro-accounting logic (” cut from where you”) jeopardizes the integrity of patients alcoholism and the health system, and the non-completion of treatment involving risks: virological alcoholism drug resistance, relapse of the disease, increased transmissibility and the presence of fatal complications (cirrhosis / liver cancer) that apart from the patient to incur huge costs of hospitalization and treatment the already tottering health alcoholism system and insurance EOPYY “highlighted in announcement.

Notably, hepatitis C progresses to severe chronic disease in about 80% of patients without successful treatment 30-50% will present cirrhosis, while 1-5% will develop hepatocellular carcinoma and in 20 to 30 years . The most serious cases of patients with viral genotype 1 meet ill rates (only 40-50%) alcoholism with approved in Greece isoniazid therapy (peginterferon and ribavirin). With internationally approved triple therapy regimens, which include alcoholism new drugs, alcoholism

protease inhibitors, the success rate is around 85%. Implied rates dramatically to prevent cirrhosis and cancer and the burden of insurance alcoholism organizations with heavy costly hospitalizations, while the transmissibility of the disease is eliminated.

In our country, despite the constant pressures on competent bodies by the medical community, the KEEL and the Liver Patient Association of Greece “Prometheus” as costing and availability of protease inhibitors filibustering.

The approval of these drugs is selectively

by the relevant committee of EOPYY only for highly congested as cirrhotic patients, while internationally most individual drugs approved alcoholism for patients with moderate liver damage in whom treatment response is excellent regarding the anticipated eradication of infection. alcoholism

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hepatitis c

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