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Wait alone: Yin is wide: Our country third the intersection of liver and …

Yin is wide: Our country third the intersection of liver and the intersection of morbidity and high alert invisible third liver develop hepatocarcinoma

The morbidity of hepatitis C of our country is relatively high, investigation shows the average nearly 3 out of 100 people has been infected with third liver. The epidemic situation of infectious disease of Center for Disease Prevention and Control of China reports the data reveal, report to number translate about 5 times in the most recent 5 years. But most people know little about this disease. Prevent and cure the foundation initiate ” the cognition of hepatitis C is investigated ” the result reveals ” ” by the intersection of Chinese and hepatitis 2007: Only 1% of the people have correct understanding on spread route, precautionary measures of third liver,etc., the public to third so low concern and cognition degree of liver, make third visit rate of liver only 10%.

Third liver is a kind of serious chronic progressive disease, symptom is hidden its early middle period. Third liver is before developing into liver cirrhosis or hepatocarcinoma, there can be 20- 30 -year long conditions and hide one, clinical symptom is not obvious during this time, most the infeted do not have obvious feeling, it is tired and weak, etc slightly or is only shown as, it is extremely apt to be neglected by the patient. Just because of this, most patients often develop into later period at disease Shi Cai was found and missed treating the opportunity best, even develop into liver cirrhosis or hepatocarcinoma to know that suffers from third liver by oneself. The statistics show, acute third liver patient of 50-85% will develop into chronic third liver, in that 10-15% of the patients may may be being infected with hepatitis C to develop into liver cirrhosis in about 20 years, once liver cirrhosis takes place, 1-7% will develop into fatal hepatocarcinoma every year. The liver cirrhosis relevance death that third liver caused has already become one of the causes of disease of supreme mortality in hepatopathy.

Third liver is that virus hepatitis can cause liver cirrhosis and hepatocarcinoma as hepatitis B. The two difference: From symptom at first, the easy activity of hepatitis B, there are many symptoms demonstrated, if jaundice is more obvious, transaminase rises etc., relatively easier to be found; Third liver symptom is not very obvious, the most common manifestation is tired, the tired obscurity that it is easy to cause with the work; Secondly view from the point of propagating on the route, though the two route is the same, results after propagating are different: There are 60-80% that will develop into chronic third liver after the adult is infected with third liver virus; And only 5-10% of the people develop into chronically after the adult is infected with hepatitis B and virus; But the speech from preventing again, hepatitis B can be prevented through vaccine inoculation, third liver does not have preventative vaccine at present. Certainly, the most important difference lies in, the ones that pass and standardize the system are therapeutic now, third liver can heal.

Prevent and cure the guide to point out in third liver of U.S.A., Europe and China clearly, gather interferon of ethylene glycol (such as pegIFN – 2a) It is the most effective medicine healing solution at present to unite favourable Palestinian Waring, it is a gold standard of treating third liver; Use enough dosage to treat for one year, in order to make the cure rate of third liver more than 70%. There are data that prove, 997 are replied continuously after gathering the interferon treatment of ethylene glycol (treat and finish HCVRNA for 24 weeks negative) Third liver patient,it is follow up a case by regular visits to on average until 4.1 year not to park behind medicine, 99% (989/997) The patient has lasting curative effect, that is to say that has got the result of curing.

If receiving better curative effect, must pay attention to the following items: Begin the regular treatment as soon as possible; Insist on treating, don’t change the healing solution without authorization; Treat enough courses of treatment, medicines stop without authorization; Deal with the therapeutic bad reaction correctly, it is essential to insist on finishing treating the course of treatment and maximizing to curative effect entirely; Notify the doctor in time if change of any condition appears; Use, assuare liver fall the intersection of enzyme and medicine or obtain consent of doctor before the health product. Certainly, third liver is prevented and cured ” three is early ” It is still a key, namely measure early, diagnose early, treat early.

The high-risk group of third liver: All accepted blood transfusion, especially blood donor before 1993, have used the non- disposable syringe together and not through the strict and disinfecting apparatus, inner mirror checking, attacking operation and acupuncture of dentistry,etc., using razor, toothbrush, and HCV the infeted’s handing in and sexual haphazard behavior person with third liver patient together, intravenous injection drugs, or the crowd who was once mucous membrane of skin such as tattooing, gentle eyebrow, wearing the earholes were damaged. The high-risk group should go to the regular hospital to carry on third liver virus antibody test as soon as possible.

The author is a subsidiary professor of infectious disease department of Huashan hospital of Fudan University


hepatitis c

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